Post-VSS Vision Mini Symposium

Please join us for this summer's
Vision Mini-Symposium
featuring repeat performances of presentations from the Fifth Annual Meeting of VSS

Friday June 10, 2005
Talks and discussion: 1 to 3pm in E25-117
Refreshments available starting 3pm in E25-101
Posters: from 2 till 5pm in the E25 atrium

1 to 3pm in E25-117

The Behavioral Face Inversion Effect
Galit Yovel, Nancy Kanwisher

An Increased BOLD Response for Trained Objects in Object-selective Regions of Human Visual Cortex
Hans P Op de Beeck, Chris I Baker, Sandra Rindler, Nancy Kanwisher

Motion-based orienting, segmenting and tracking in a model of object learning
Benjamin J. Balas, Pawan Sinha

Image Statistics and Reflectance Estimation
Lavanya Sharan, Yuanzhen Li, Edward H Adelson

A Computational Form of the Statistical Saliency Model for Visual Search
Ruth Rosenholtz, Zhenlan Jin

Visual search: The perils of rare targets
Jeremy M Wolfe, Naomi M Kenner, Todd S Horowitz

Forgetting visual versus conceptual information about pictures
Mary C Potter, Laura F Fox

2 to 5pm in E25 atrium

Activation in lateral occipital and fusiform cortex predicts performance in threshold face identification tasks
Michael C. Mangini, Nancy Kanwisher

Visual De-fragmentation via High Spatial Frequencies
Ethan Meyers, Yuri Ostrovsky, Pawan Sinha

Object binding through motion
Yuri Ostrovsky, Pawan Sinha

Face pigmentation and sex classification
Richard Russell

Project DYLAN: Modeling the development of visual object concepts
Pawan Sinha, Benjamin Balas, Yuri Ostrovsky, Ethan Meyers

Perceptually Based Range Compression for High Dynamic Range Images
Yuanzhen Li, Lavanya Sharan, Edward H Adelson

Better to run than to hide: the time course of naturalistic scene decisions
Michelle R Greene, Aude Oliva

Rapid goal-directed exploration of a scene: Scene context and salience
Naomi M Kenner, Barbara Hidalgo-Sotelo, Aude Oliva

Global statistical features and early scene interpretation
Antonio Torralba, Aude Oliva

Consistency Effects in the Perception of Briefly Viewed Scenes
Jodi L Davenport

Temporal limits of selection in the attentional blink
Mark R Nieuwenstein

Shape Representation in V4: Investigating Position-specific Tuning for Boundary Conformation with the Standard Model of Object Recognition
Charles Cadieu, Minjoon Kouh, Maximilian Riesenhuber, Tomaso Poggio

Preventing Dyslexia? Early Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination Activities Reduces Reading Difficulties
Gadi Geiger, Tomaso Poggio

Standard Model v2.0: How Visual Cortex Might Learn a Universal Dictionary of Shape Components
Thomas Serre, Tomaso Poggio

Depth from shading and disparity in humans and monkeys
Ying Zhang, Peter H. Schiller, Veronica S. Weiner, Warren M. Slocum

Monkeys Use Their Eyes to Plan an Upcoming Sequence of Arm Movements
Joey Feingold, Naotaka Fujii, Ann Graybiel

Dynamic structural rearrangement of dendritic arbors in nonpyramidal neurons of the adult visual cortex
Wei-Chung Allen Lee, Hayden Huang, Guoping Feng, Joshua R. Sanes, Peter T. So, Elly Nedivi

Any MIT person who presented a recent vision-related talk or poster is encouraged to participate.  Please contact Denise Heintze (heintze@MIT.EDU) if you have something to present and are not on this list