One Marina Park

Boston, MA 02210

Phone: 617.520.4568

General: info@helmet-hub.com

If there were a special forces branch dedicated to helmet distribution and collection, that would be us. We're a small and talented team with a penchant for long hours and IPAs. From our office along the waterfront in Boston, we're keen to look out over the city and imagine ourselves as overlords of a glistening helmeted empire…someday.

But in the meantime, you can find us in our machine shop building prototypes, jotting equations across whiteboards, and entering into passionate conversations about fasteners or why crontab makes us cry. It probably stems from the fact that we all graduated as Mechanical Engineers, but we believe the heart of innovation is in doing. So we "do". A lot.

We value candor to the point of being blunt, but we always strive to treat our partners and customers with respect. We believe in what we do and we strive to make sure that means we're always honest in the way we present ourselves and our ideas. It means our workplace is a fun and productive environment where our team can be inspired to put in the long hours necessary to bring our vision to life. We've got a passion that we can't help but share (case in point) and we're constantly reimagining the ways we can do things to be better. It's led us to some major breakthroughs and major heartbreaks through our breakneck iterative process, but with every step, we inch closer to a product we believe can truly bring bikesharing to the forefront of public urban transit.


Chris Mills

Founder & CEO

Chris is the big ideas and little details guy. His "Jack-of-all-trades" degree from MIT in software, electrical, and mechanical engineering help him pull the team's massive talent into a cohesive machine with laser-focus. When it's a question of how to do something, Chris probably has an idea (sometimes even a good one!). When he's not around the office (rarely) you can find him outdoors climbing cliffs, skiing slopes, rafting rivers, or doing just about anything without a roof overhead. He's also got a comically large computer in the office he insists he built for fun. Sure Chris.

Arni Lehto

Founder & CTO

If it involves putting a ball in a hole and scoring points, Arni is probably good at it. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, he's an incredibly talented engineer as well and can quickly model and implement the ideas our team comes up with. His talent hasn't gone unnoticed either: he's been recruited for grad school from MIT and Stanford as well, but for now we're lucky to have him working for us.

Breanna Berry

Founder & CIO

Breanna knows more about bikesharing than just about anyone. If it's a question of who's doing what, by the time you think to ask your question Breanna has 6 articles with the answer. Her passion for public transportation has been a huge asset in guiding the team to follow the standards of the industry, and her warm personality makes it easy for her to make contact with just about everyone. With her degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, she's also our resident thermoforming and injection mold expert and her love of salad (serious love) adds a healthy dose of green to the office fridge.

Advisory Board

Danielle Hicks

When we built our first prototype, we frequently heard how beautiful it was, and you can thank Dani for a lot of that. When you don't have to think about how to use our machine, you can also thank Dani for that. Dani, you see, has a knack for Industrial Design and Use Experience. A graduate of MIT with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she knows just how to put the polish on our designs to make sure they're not only effective, but fun to use as well.