Email Lists

We maintain two lists cycling-club and cycling-race. Traditionally, as the winter training season progresses, we move our ride announcements from cycling-club to cycling-race to keep non-racers from getting too much email. Now that the summer is here, most (if not all) announcements will go to cycling-club. Take this as a reminder to post your rides to cycling-club! (Some race specific emails will still probably continue over the summer on cycling-race dealing with Track, Cyclocross, and Mountain bike racing).

Weekly Rides

All rides leave from the Student Center unless otherwise noted. Please fill out the club sports waiver (pdf) before joining us on rides. Helmets must be worn on all MIT cycling club rides. Please see the rides guidelines for suggestions and rules for club rides.

Ride times are subject to change, please subscribe to our email lists for the latest ride information

Tuesday evenings (departure time TBD): Short, easy ride to head to the Lexington Farmer's Market. (These will start when the farmers market opens, stay tuned on cycling-club).

Thursday evenings: Social ice cream rides. Distance increases over the summer as ice cream destinations get further away. These will probably start after school finishes (stay tuned on cycling-club) and are held in conjunction with the Harvard Cycling Club.

Saturday morning (10am): These are club rides at an easy pace and no-drop policy. Ideally, we'll have multiple ride leaders to manage the needs of everyone. These rides will remain short distances for a few weeks and then probably increase to 30 miles and top out at 50 or so by mid-summer. However, there will most likely be some groups extending rides so you can easily join an experienced leader for a longer ride throughout the summer.

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