The Team

The MIT Cycling Team is made up of over thirty-five undergraduate and graduate students. The team participates in Road (spring), Mountain (fall), and Cyclocross (winter) events in Divistion II of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. We welcome veteran racers as well as those who are new to cycling. We encourage cyclists of all abilities to join us year-round.

The Club

The Cycling Club at MIT is a group of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and affiliates interested in recreational cycling and seeks to foster a cycling friendly envioronment for all levels of riders. The Club holds several recreational rides and social events every year.

The Coach

Nicole Freedman has a long history of success in cycling, both as an athlete and as a coach of developing riders. Her first national championship jersey was earned on Stanfordís dominant womenís time trial team in 1994. Freedman has won national championship jerseys in the road race (2000) and criterium (2001), was a member of the US National team in 1997, and won the Olympic trials race to earn a berth on the 2000 US Olympic team. As a team leader, she has led five professional womenís cycling teams, whose riders have together earned six US national championships.

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