Help us reach our goals!

With nearly forty members on our racing roster, including veteran racers as well as dedicated newbies, the team is larger and stronger than ever. The team is geared up and dedicated to win Nationals in May and bring red, white, and blue jerseys back to MIT!

With our growing program, however, we are put in a difficult financial situation. On our club budget alone, we can barely fund two race weekends, let alone Easterns and Nationals. That's where you all come in. Contribute to MIT Cycling and help us reach our goals!

If you would like to donate, MIT has made it quick, easy, and tax deductible for you! Just go to and type "cycling club" or the club's fund number 2720098 into the search box. Add the Cycling Club to your 'gift list' and submit your donation in whatever form you want cash, check, 16-passenger van with a trailer, etc.

Sponsor the Team

Out team's future success hinges upon the support of our sponsors. MIT riders will proudly represent our sponsors, displaying their logos on our jerseys wherever we ride and race. With our growing numbers an dimproving results, we are looking roward to providing increased visibility and more publicity for our supporters in the year ahead.

If you would like more information about sponsoring MIT Cycling, contact cycling-club-exec at mit dot edu or our officers. You may also download our Fact Sheet for more information.

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