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This is my old link list for Geometry. It is no longer systematically updated, as I am not doing geometry anymore. Nowadays you can find me on the MathLinks (Art of Problem Solving) forum (mostly in the Olympiad Section and the College Playground), on MathOverflow, and occasionally on the Matheplanet (German).

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Internet Libraries

A grossly underestimated source of mathematical texts. You can find works of Newton, Gauss, Cayley and hundreds of other historical authors - but also newer textbooks and thousands of books you have never heard of before. I have given up sorting these links into the above language categories since many libraries contain works in very different languages - e. g. some French libraries containing German texts.

Corrections, precisions or additions to this link list are welcome.

PS. Thanks to Dick Klingens for the background picture.

Links on Geometry

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