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last update 4 Oct 2015
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This is a website for mathematics, from elementary to advanced. Formerly, it used to be entirely dedicated to the Geometry of the Triangle; this has now been moved to two subpages: Geometry Publications and Geometry Unpublished Notes. I am currently working on combinatorial algebra and representation theory, so do not expect any more geometry to appear here, but new notes on algebra will surface from time to time. Click here for the FAQ. It can answer some of the questions you wanted to ask me.

This site is currently hosted on http://www.cip.ifi.lmu.de/~grinberg/ and http://mit.edu/~darij/www/. I also periodically archive the whole website packed as two ZIP files on Google Sites. (This site used to be hosted on http://de.geocities.com/darij_grinberg/ formerly.)


Some advanced algebra (work in progress), Lambda-rings and Hopfalgebren (lecture notes after Prof. Hans-Jürgen Schneider, in German)

German papers on Elementary Mathematics / Deutschsprachige Aufsätze über Elementarmathematik
(inkl. Arbeiten über Elementargeometrie und Lösungen von Wettbewerbsaufgaben)

Elementary Geometry: Publications and Unpublished notes

Solutions to review problems
(Some problems from American Mathematical Monthly and other sources, with my solutions.)

Other works

A few texts I have written for diverse purposes, arranged according to potential usefulness (i. e., the first in the list are probably the most useful; this means that at least from the middle of the list on, you will only find boring bad-written stuff that noone cares about).


Texts written for internet forums:
- MO65420 (sourcecode). This shows some properties of alpha-equivalence and substitution in lambda-calculus that were required for MO question #65420. Already partly obsolete.