Enric Boix Adserà

I graduated from Princeton in Spring 2018 with an A.B. in Mathematics, advised by Emmanuel Abbe. Starting Fall 2018, I am at MIT pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, co-advised by Guy Bresler and Philippe Rigollet. I am grateful to be generously supported by both an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Siebel Fellowship.


  1. Kristjan Greenewald, Dmitriy Katz-Rogozhnikov, Karthikeyan Shanmugam, Sara Magliacane, Murat Kocaoglu, Enric Boix-Adserà, and Guy Bresler Sample Efficient Active Learning of Causal Trees, NeurIPS 2019.
  2. Enric Boix-Adserà, Matthew Brennan, and Guy Bresler The Average-Case Complexity of Counting Cliques in Erdos-Renyi Hypergraphs, FOCS 2019.
  3. Emmanuel Abbe and Enric Boix-Adserà Subadditivity Beyond Trees and the Chi-Squared Mutual Information , ISIT 2019.
  4. Siddhartha Jayanti, Robert Tarjan, and Enric Boix-Adserà Randomized Concurrent Set Union and Generalized Wake-Up, PODC 2019.
  5. Emmanuel Abbe, Enric Boix-Adserà, Peter Ralli, and Colin Sandon Graph powering and spectral robustness, 2018.
  6. Emmanuel Abbe and Enric Boix-Adserà An Information-Percolation Bound for Spin Synchronization on General Graphs, 2018.