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Greetings mortal, I am the Stenomatic 9000. To utilize my services, copy paste some exercise material (for example, the exercises in Learn Plover) and select what kind of exercise you want to do. Then press load and go! (If you change any settings, you will need to reload the exercise.) I am a derivative work of Qwerty Steno, with whom I share the QWERTY input handling code. Fork me on GitHub.

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QWERTY Stenomatic will translate your strokes into steno using its internal dictionary.
Require correct stroke If you misstroke, the stroke is rejected; you cannot move on until you get the stroke right. When you are done, you will see how long it took for you to stroke a word, as well as how many misstrokes were made before the word was finished.
Advance on misstroke If you misstroke a word, you'll move onto the next one. You can go back and fix your error with the asterisk. When you are done, you will be shown all of your misstrokes and a suggested correction for them. Try using this mode with a metronome!
External Use an external program like Plover to type in text. Exercises involving raw input are not supported using this mode.
Type as shown Input must be typed exactly as seen, modulo linebreaks.


Script Follow the script in the source order.
Randomized Generate random words sampled from the source input (weighted based on occurrence frequency).
Maximize finger movement by preventing similar words from being adjacent.


You can reduce the difficulty of an exercise by stroking a subset of the keys of the true strokes: this is good for working on muscle memory. This is only available when working with the QWERTY input mode.
Left hand keys (STKPWHR)
Left vowel keys (AO)
Right vowel keys (EU)
Right hand (FRPBLGTSDZ)


You can skip difficult words by filtering them out. At the moment, this is only available when using QWERTY input modes.
Asterisk If this is unchecked, words which must be disambiguated with an asterisk will not be tested.
Multi-stroke If this is unchecked, words which require multiple strokes will not be tested. (Watch out if they're briefed, however!)
Briefs If this is unchecked, briefed words will not be tested.
Misstrokes If this is unchecked, common misstrokes which would have been accepted by Plover will not be accepted.