Contact the Greens

Write to greens at mit dot edu with any questions, requests, or suggestions that you may have. Also, if you want an event posted on this site, or an email notification sent to all the MIT Greens, please send it here first. Also, if you do not have an athena account or are not affiliated with MIT, but would still like to be a part of our mailing lists, send an email to this address.

The MIT Greens has two email lists we encourage you to join. The instructions below work for any email address (you don't need to be part of that happy family, the MIT "community").

greens-announce - This list is for announcements of any meetings, events, or actions. This is a low volume list that will help you stay active within the organization. To add yourself, visit Greens Announce info page.

greens-discuss - This is a (sometimes potentially high-volume) discussion forum. Sign up and post your thoughts about the green movement, or politics in general. To add yourself, at your athena% prompt, type:

blanche greens-discuss -a $USER
If you don't have an Athena account (or don't know what one is), email greens and mit dot edu and we'll put you on.
Last updated 9/21/04 | MIT Greens