Voting Systems and Voting Reform

  • Election Methods. Website with extensive analysis, some of it mathematical, on voting systems. The site advocates the Condorcet Method for single-winner elections. This site has a lot of info and an email list.
  • Americans for Approval Voting. A group that advocates Approval Voting. The group has an email list for discussion as well.
  • Center for Voting and Democracy. Founded by John Anderson (liberal Republican who ran as an independent for President in 1980), this group advocates Instant Runoff Voting in single-winner elections, and proportional representation for legislatures via Single Transferrable Voting. They are one of the largest groups active in voting reform.
  • Wikipedia pages on voting systems. A detailed and evolving site on voting systems, analysis of voting, history of voting, and some interesting examples.
  • Massachusetts Fairvote. This group is working for voting reform in the Bay State, and is the main proponent of current bills in the statehouse to use Instant Runoff Voting.

Elections and Voting

National Voter Registration Form Info

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Cambridge Election Commission

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