Fun Stuff

High School
Fun Stuff

I like to... (in no particular order)

  • Write stories. I find the two websites immensely helpful.
    • oneword: Write about one word for one minute every day. It's great for getting my mind moving creatively, and insightful to read different people's perspectives.
    • 750words: A site that encourages me to write at least 750 pages every day. I use it as a diary and as a "testing ground" for my stories. Sometimes I also write scenes in my stories.
  • Read.
    • Goodreads: I keep track of the books I've read here.
  • Watch Pokemon.
  • Play DDR. A (probably not up-to-date) list of my records can be found here. Some DDR-related websites that I like are:
  • Play computer games.
  • Think deeply about dreams. I've been fascinated by dreams for a long time (and especially since I've started my novel about the dreamworld). Despite extensive research, no one knows why we dream.
  • Listen to music. Actually I don't listen to music much but I really like music from...
  • Go hiking in national parks in the summer. Our family used to go on cross-country trips in our RV (Winnebago Warrior), once going as far as Alaska. I've been to all but 3 states (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama).
  • Make movies with my cousins Jocelin (Juicylin) and Justine (Scissors). So far, Bouncing Bunnies Studios has made five movies. (If you're one of my real-life friends, you can borrow the DVD's. Due to some requests for privacy, they aren't all available online.)
    • The Adventures of the Green Mushroom
    • The Curse of the Eekisms
    • The Final Roll (Note: You must be a friend on facebook to view this.)
      Starring famous (more like infamous) actors (and actresses) Juicy, Old Hen, and Scissors, Bouncing Bunnies Pictures has finally released another wacky and spine-tingling movie.
              When two lost campers find themselves lost in the forest, they encounter an old decrepit mansion that holds a terrible secret.
              Get ready for some all out craziness!!!
      WARNING: If you threw up, or cried, or went blind from the last movie, it is not advised that you watch this one.
    • SOPHIE 001 (2008) (cover art by Juicy)
      "A heartwarming tale" -Bouncing Bunny Times
      "No comment" - Janelia Farm
      From Bouncing Bunnies Studios, the makers of The Final Roll, comes the first full-length feature film (that is not crazy discombobulated nonsense).
              Myco (Old Hen Eel) and Madeline (Scissors) are two one-dimensional people: Myco, always analytical and skeptical, does nothing but math problems while Madeline, always bored with life, does nothing but sit and read. They settle unwillingly at Janelia Farm, a bioengineering campus where their father Dr. Yanjo works. One day, they discover a mysterious girl called Sophie (Juicylin) digging through their trash. Though they find Sophie weird at first, they gradually become friends with her and start to appreciate her whimsical personality. The trio tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding Janelia Farm. But in doing so, they discover Sophie's secret, which threatens to destroy their friendship. Can they accept Sophie for who she is and save her from her fate?
    • The Egregious Egg (June 2009)
      “Eggstremely Eggsiting!” –Bouncing Bunny Times

      “Needs improvement [referring to the publicity campaign on this movie, which is much too inadequate for such a great movie]” –Lone Wolf

      Bouncing Bunnies Studios, the makers of Sophie 001, proudly presents its fifth film—a comedy for the whole family starring all your favorite actor and actresses from the Bouncing Bunny troupe.

      After the start of summer, Elbert (Old Hen Eel) has nothing to do except surf the web all day. One day he notices two girls, Zoe (Juicylin) and Ziv (Scissors), moving into the house across the street. Urged on by his mother (Chinny), he attempts to make friends with them, but soon finds out that the two girls are completely crazy. Bored out of his mind, he decides to use his old Easter egg to play a prank on them. His simple joke, however, soon grows into an egregious mistake…

      Warning: Do not watch if you have any history of ovaphobia.


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