High School

High School
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Eleanor Roosevelt High School
August 2005 – May 2009
Science and Technology Program

  • 9th grade: Geometry, Art 1, Engineering Foundations 1, Health, Biology, U.S. History, Spanish 2, English (GPA: 4.0)
  • 10th grade: Algebra 2 Trig, P.E., Web Page Design, Chemistry, AP Government, English, Spanish 3, Engineering Foundations 2 (GPA: 4.14)
  • 11th grade: World History, AP Chemistry, AP Language, AP Physics B, Spanish 4, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics (GPA: 4.63)
  • 12th grade: Calculus 3/ Differential Equations, AP Computer Science, AP Literature, AP Physics C, Organic Biochemistry

School Extracurricular Activities

  • Math Club (president)
  • Spanish Honor Society

Other Academic Programs

  • AwesomeMath Year-Round and Summer Program (2007-2009)
  • Java Passport Program at University of Maryland
Awards Received

Math Awards

  • 1st place, University of Maryland Math Competition, 2009
  • 1st place, Who Wants to be a Mathematician contest, 2007
  • 2nd place in math division at county science fair, representative to NCSSSMST symposium, 2007
  • USAMO Qualifier, 2008; Honorable Mention, 2009
  • ARML Individual High Scorer, 2008
  • 2nd place, Johns Hopkins Math Tournament, 2009
  • 3rd place, iTest (national team math competition), 2008
  • School Mathematics Award, 2008

Silver Medal on National Spanish Exam

Member of National Society of High School Scholars


  • Maryland Distinguished Scholar Finalist
  • National Merit Scholarship Finalist
Volunteer Experience
School activities
  • Junior Civitan – recycle paper in the school, adopt-a-road
  • National Honor Society – tutoring, community/ school service
Tzu-Chi Foundation – serve dinner at homeless shelter, help at free clinic

Hispanic Festival 2008 – help with children’s rides


September 2008 – May 2009
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I worked on programming the SIMSS client. NASA uses the SIMSS (Scalable, Integrated, Multi-mission Support System) computer program to simulate spacecraft, as well as conduct real-time data transmission and processing.

RP Paper (796KB)


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