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NOTE: This website will be moving soon. I'll announce the new link on http://www.holdenlee.tk.

Welcome to Holy Den!

Me (Holden Lee)
Email address holdenlee@alum.mit.edu
School University of Cambridge, MAST in Pure Math, 2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B. Sc. Math, 2013
I like... Learning and researching mathematics, writing fiction, improving education.

Hi, welcome to my website!

  • If you'd like to find about about my work, look in the resume, college, math, and teaching sections. I have the standard stuff (classes I've taken, research I've done, employment) and you can find all the papers and math notes I've written up.
  • If you're another math student, I encourage you to look at all the math notes I have available, especially the number theory textbook, and contribute if you can. (I would REALLY appreciate it - no matter how little. Typing math takes a lot of time.) If you're a high school student seeking advice, I am eventually going to put up a page for this... but for now you can browse at the high school notes I've written up and email me.
  • If you're a writer (or wannabe-writer, like me), you can browse my fiction in the writing section. Again, I'd love comments on any of this (and conversations are even better than comments). I'm always looking for people to share things with so feel free to drop me a line on anything you've written, too.
  • If you're want to find out about me as a person or learn my views on a variety of topics you should go to the ramblings section.
  • If you like to see what's new, view my blog at http://holdenlee.wordpress.com.
  • And if you think all this is silly, then you should leave.

This website is hopefully just a starting point. As my favorite professor Patrick Winston says, you should talk to people! If you're interested in any of this stuff you see here (or fiercely opposed to anything), then I'd probably be interested in what you have to say! Shoot me an email at holdenlee@alum.mit.edu. (When you're deciding whether or not to talk to people, you should keep three things in mind.)

The picture is from California, by the way.


Last edited 06/24/2014