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Number Theory

Here are various notes on number theory I've written up on number theory. Update: Please use this googledoc to report typos and for general comments and discussion on the text. I will check it periodically.

Proof of prime number theorem for arithmetic progressions: analytic-nt.pdf

Algebraic number theory, class field theory, and complex multiplication: ant.pdf

I've compiled all my number theory notes in the following open-source textbook.
Textbook (NEW: source now on github.)

For recent updates, please see the googledoc.

Note much of this is still pretty sketchy; I've extracted the more complete parts into the two documents above.
Contributions and corrections are welcome; please email me at

High school math

College math

Various notes and homeworks I have written up for math subjects.

2012-2013 classes

Source (may not be updated)

Previous classes (Note: the earlier notes are pdfs compiled from Word. I've given errata for them since the original word documents are corrupted and uneditable. Now I've learned better and use LaTeX instead.)

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