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Below are stories I have finished and information about ones that I am working on. I'd love to hear comments (including criticisms)! Just send me an email at holdenlee@alum.mit.edu.

Completed Stories

  • The Loss of Magic - She caressed her letters, and they popped out of the page, rustling their newfound wings. Mr. Cavid’s words looked like big fat red caterpillars; as she ran her fingers over them she could feel their spiky bodies rising from the page. They think they’re feeding on a bunch of leaves, she thought, well, guess again. The mass of green letters, each a cross between a fly and a maple key, rose from the page, overturning the bewildered caterpillars, who landed on the blank paper with a satisfying plop.
  • Mona
  • Creature Club - I don’t know whether it was the fuzzy black antennys ending in pom-pom balls or the sniffly pink snout or the round glimmery eyes or the two flubby flipper-wings or the simple luxury of round white balloon-like furriness, but once I laid eyes on her I had to have her. In goes the one-dollar bill; the slightest nudge of my hand sends the gripper off, before it jerks to a stop right above the creature. I press the red button and the hook descends, clutching her cotton skull, bouncing her two antennys together as she rises slowly and royally above the mass of face-down rabbits with oversize ears, scorpions with shells of yucky speckled gray-green plastic, fairies with too-orange skin and tight stiff wings. The flashing light bulbs reflect from her eyes, and as she draws to eye level she seems to be looking directly at me and saying, “I knew that I was destined for higher things.
  • Return to Taiwan - “We’re so glad you returned to Taiwan,” they all said, like it was where I belonged, like I had been born there too, not just my parents. They waved tearfully, and Liangliang asked, “When’s the next time you’ll return to Taiwan?” Because “going to Taiwan” didn’t have the same ring to it… I returned to Taiwan again, unexpectedly, during the winter of sixth grade. Permanently.
  • Infinite Love
  • Two Sides of the River (coming soon)


Current Projects

  • Pleasant Island 1 - After their houseboat was destroyed by a sea monster, Al, Brody, Tommy, Aly, Betty, and Tinny find themselves stranded on a magical island filled with fantastical creatures. The island seems peaceful at first, but they soon have to confront Crocomons, defend themselves from live snowballs, and finally save the island from volcanic destruction. How will they manage to escape?
    (Here is a sample chapter on Foogcloos.)
  • Pleasant Island 2: The Legend of Magicoly - (Sequel) A magical storm sends Pleasant Island hurtling into space, and a giant beetle shows up on the family's doorstep. Before they know it, the family is whisked off to the new Pleasant Island. At first they enjoy their time as tourists but soon they find themselves in the middle of an all-out attack on the archipelago...
  • Into the World of Dreams - prologue
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