Locations of Isshinryu Karate-do at MIT Workouts

To get to the Du Pont rooms (except the Multi Purpose Room), start from Rockwell Cage. This is accessed from one of the entrances in the Z Center. Walk across the Rockwell Cage, go out the door on the right, making a sharp left around the wall. Past the trophy case and pictures, there's a vending machine and a door on your right. Down that hallway is the Du Pont Locker Rooms. Just inside the doors to the hallway is a stairwell that can take you up to the second floor where the Wrestling Room and T Club Lounge are.

Room Description
Du Pont Multi Purpose Room W31-225 From the Du Pont Locker Rooms: go to the end of the hall and turn left. You will exit 2 doors. There will be an elevator to your left. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.
From outside: go to the side entrance of W31 from Vassar Street, near the corner of Vassar and Mass Ave. At the end of the hall, there will be the elevator on your right. Take it to the 2nd floor.
Du Pont Wrestling Room Go to the second floor of Du Pont and walk down the hall. Half way down the hall there is a water fountain one wall and the lockers and doors on the other. The wrestling room doors are directly across from the water fountain.
Du Pont T Club Lounge Go to the second floor of Du Pont. The T Club Lounge is the room on the end of the hall closer to Mass Ave. If you are facing the water fountain that is halfway down the hall, the T Club Lounge is to your right.
Du Pont Multipurpose Squash Court #1 Occasionally we cannot use our regular rooms and must meet in the squash court instead. From the locker rooms, go down the hall and to the right. There will be a hall with small doors on the left. Multipurpose Squash Court 1 is the first small door.

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