Sushis Softball

Sushis (B League)

Game 1, vs MSE “16-10” <4/9(W)8:45pm>

Game 2, vs PKT “4-13” <4/12(Sa)12:30pm>

Game 3, vs Jedi Knights “32-12” <4/14(M)10:00pm>

Game 4, vs LFM “12-10” <4/23(W)7:30pm>

Game 5, vs SC “11-15” <4/29(T)9:30pm>

Game 6, vs EC “18-7” <5/1(Th)9:30pm>

Playoffs First Round, vs Tang “20-12” <5/5(M)7:30pm>

Playoffs Qurter Final, vs ZBT “14-15” <5/8(Th)9:30pm>

Sushis-nami (C League)

Game 1, vs MTL “12-13” <4/27(Su)4:45pm>

Game 2, vs Tech “Win By Forfeit” <5/7(W)8:45pm>


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