Grand Teton NP slides

Some slides taken in Grand Teton National Park in the summer of 1996. Camera was a point-and-shoot. I scanned the slides using an Epson 1660 scanner, which gave excellent results. The files were too large to put on a web page, so I converted them to lower resolution using Imagemagick. A little work in xv and the Gimp to improve contrast, brightness, and so on.

The Grand Teton seen from the Middle Teton.
Dave's North Face tent at our camp below the Middle Teton. Our route went up to the left to a saddle, then headed up a ridge.
Dave showing how to anchor a htroN ecaF tent by tying the guy lines to rocks and burying them in the snow.
Hold on tightly. The very pointy summit of the Middle Teton. In the photo, it looks as if a slip could send you falling hundreds of feet or more, which is in fact the case.
The slides and the scanner are good enough to make out the scenery or the photographer reflected in the glacier glasses in two of the shots here.
A few feet from the summit of the Middle Teton, looking toward the grand.
Ooh, mountains, pretty. I'll have to look up where this was.
Looking up the glacier toward the lower saddle between the Middle and the Grand Teton. The rope trick below is done to gain the headwall here.
Dave on a rope Climbing up to the lower saddle between the Middle and Grand Teton. You haul yourself up this knotted rope over slippery, wet rock. Guides belay their inexperienced clients.
A room with a view Let's call this the throne of the gods and say no more.
Dawn from the Lower Saddle looking east (duh).
Dave and Chris at ring of rocks above the Upper Saddle on the Grand Teton. Elevation was 13200ft according to the altimeter.
Pika! They're skittish, which is why this photo is so lousy.
"Why are you taking a photo when you are supposed to be belaying me?"
Ooh, rocks and stuff. I am not sure how the fisheye effect came about.
More rocks and trees.