The jEdit Settings Directory

jEdit stores settings, macros, and plugins as files inside the settings directory. In most cases, editing these files by hand is not necessary, since graphical tools and editor commands can do the job. However, being familiar with the structure of the settings directory still comes in handy in certain situations, for example when you want to copy jEdit settings between computers.

The location of the settings directory is system-specific; it is printed to the activity log (Utilities>Troubleshooting>Activity Log). For example:

[message] jEdit: Settings directory is /home/slava/.jedit

Specifying the -settings switch on the command line instructs jEdit to store settings in a directory other than the default. For example, the following command will instruct jEdit to store all settings in the jedit subdirectory of the C: drive:

C:\jedit> jedit -settings=C:\jedit

The -nosettings switch will force jEdit to not look for or create a settings directory; default settings will be used instead.

jEdit creates the following files and directories inside the settings directory; plugins may add more: