What do my students do after graduation?

  • Academia (in ascending chronological order)

    1. George Hart, State University of New York at Stony Brook
    2. C.-C. Jay Kuo, University of Southern California
    3. Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo, University of Minnesota
    4. George D. Stamoulis, Athens University of Economics and Business
    5. Daniel C. Lee, Simon Fraser University
    6. David N.C. Tse, Stanford University
    7. Ioannis C. Paschalidis, Boston University
    8. David Gamarnik, MIT
    9. Benjamin Van Roy, Stanford University
    10. Peter Marbach, University of Toronto
    11. Alp Muharremoglu, University of Texas at Dallas
    12. Ramesh Johari, Stanford University
    13. Navid Sabbaghi, Illinois Institute of Technology
    14. Timothy Chan, University of Toronto
    15. Wee Peng Tay, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
    16. Alex Olshevsky, Boston University
    17. Yunjian Xu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    18. Yuan Zhong, University of Chicago.
    19. Mihalis Markakis, IESE.
    20. Spyros Zoumpoulis, INSEAD.
    21. Kuang Xu, Stanford University.
    22. Kimon Drakopoulos, University of Southern California
    23. Martin Zubeldia, Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Industry, etc. (ordered alphabetically) [This information is often about first or early jobs, and not necessarily up to date.]

    1. Constantinos Boussios, Open Ratings
    2. Chee-Seng Chow, IBM
    3. James Christodouleas, Boston Consulting Group
    4. Hoda Eydgahi, Stitch Fix
    5. Alvin Fu, Fidelity Investments
    6. Anand Ganti, Sandia National Laboratories
    7. Vijay Konda, Goldman Sachs
    8. Yann Le Tallec, Clinton Foundation
    9. Jimmy Li, Goodwater Capital
    10. George Polychronopoulos, Endeavour Capital LLP
    11. Jagdish Ramakrishnan, Facebook
    12. Alexander Wang, Cubist Systematic Strategies
    13. Theophane Weber, Google