[IMAGE]                             Past Masters students
I have (co)supervised the following 39 Masters (including M. Eng.) theses.

Theses for which no links are given here, can be found at the MIT Theses site.

Or Dan Improving Prior Knowledge Assessment in Process Characterization 2020 R. Levi
Alexandria Velez Utilizing I/Q Data to Enhance Radar Detection and Accuracy Metrics 2019 J. Erling
Xianglin Flora Meng Systemic Risk in the Interbank Lending Market 2018 M. Dahleh,
M. Schaub
Zhi Xu Private Sequential Search and Optimization 2017 K. Xu
Zied Ben Chaouch Influence Maximization Over a Network: Static and Dynamic Policies 2016
Ali Kazerani Development and Analysis of a Simple Grey-Box Model of Central Sleep Apnea 2013 G. Verghese
Kimon Drakopoulos Observational Learning with Finite Memory 2011 A. Ozdaglar
Kuang Xu On the Power of Centralization in Distributed Processing 2011
Manal Dia On Decision Making in Tandem Networks 2009
Spyridon Zoumpoulis Decentralized Detection in Sensor Network Architectures with Feedback 2009 O. P. Kreidl
John Nham Size-Independent vs. Size-Dependent Policies in Scheduling Heavy-Tailed Distributions 2008
Sebastian Neumeyer Efficiency Loss in a Class of Two-Sided Market Mechanisms2007
Alexander Olshevsky Convergence Speed in Distributed Consensus and Averaging 2006
Randal Hickman Interception Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles with Imperfect Information 2005
Akshay Naheta Risk Arbitrage: Analysis and Trading Systems 2004 L. Kogan
Aristide Achy-Brou A New Approach to Multistage Serial Inventory Systems 2000
Paul Rafiuly Minimizing Electricity Costs with an Auxiliary Generator Using Stochastic Programming 200
Piyush Bharti Congestion-Dependent Pricing for Service Providers1999
Alice Di Censo Cost Effect of Uniquely Designed Component Choices over the Product Life of a Workstation1997
Elias Vyzas Approximate Dynamic Programming for some Queueing Problems1997
Thomas Kelsch Using Supply Chain Flexibility to Account for Uncertainty in Demand 1996
J. J. Wilson Determination of Optimal Safety Stock Levels for Components in an Instant Film Assembly System1996
Christopher Peters Performance Analysis of Scheduling Policies for a Class of Flexible Automated Manufacturing Systems through Simulation 1996
Patrick Kreidl Distributed Cooperative Control Architectures for Automated Manufacturing Systems 1996
K. H. Chen Worst-Case Identification and Complexity under Bounded but Low Correlated Noise1995 M. Dahleh
Ben Van Roy Feature-Based Methods for Large Scale Dynamic Programming 1995
J. T. Gray Valuation of Investments in Manufacturing Technology 1994
Amine Tazi-Riffi The Temporal Differences Algorithm: Parametric Representations and Simultaneous Control-Prediction Task1994
Angela Chiu Location and Inventory Optimization for Service Centers 1993 D. Bertsimas
Theodore Theodosopoulos Worst-Case Identification in l_1: Algorithms and Complexity 1993 M. Dahleh
Ioannis Paschalidis Scheduling of Multiclass Queueing Networks: Bounds on Achievable Performance 1993 D. Bertsimas
William Irving "Problems in Decentralized Detection 1991
David Tse Optimal and Robust Identification under Bounded Disturbances 1991 M. Dahleh
M. E. McDowell Multiprocessor Scheduling in the Presence of Communication Delay1989
George Polychronopoulos Solution of Some Problems in Decentralized Detection by a Large Number of Sensors1988
George Stamoulis Analysis of the Transient Behavior of Stable Open Queueing Networks1988
Daniel Lee Task Allocation for Efficient Performance of a Decentralized Organization1987
Jonathan Kaplan Modern Control Approach to Driving an Optical Data Storage Head1987
Sam Kim A Computational Study of a Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem1986