[IMAGE]                             Past doctoral students

One of the most gratifying aspects of academia is working with bright students, and seeing them thrive;
I feel most fortunate to have crossed paths with the 36 students below, whose theses I (co)supervised.

For information on their careers after graduation, and for links to the web pages of some of them, click here.

Theses for which no links are given here, can be found at the MIT Theses site.

Martin Zubeldia Delay, stability, and resource tradeoffs in large distributed service systems2020 D. Gamarnik
Kimon Drakopoulos Analysis and Control of Contagion Processes on Networks2016 A. Ozdaglar
Jimmy Qiuyuan Li The Value of Field Experiments in Estimating Demand Elasticities and Maximizing Profit 2014D. Simester
Kuang Xu
On the Power of (even a little) Flexibility in Dynamic Resource Allocation 2014
Spyros I. Zoumpoulis Networks, Decisions, and Outcomes: Coordination with Local Information and the Value of Temporal Data for Learning Influence Networks 2014 M. Dahleh
Jagdish Ramakrishnan Dynamic Optimization of Fractionation Schedules in Radiation Therapy 2013 T. Bortfeld; D. Craft
Mihalis G. Markakis Scheduling in Switched Queueing Networks with Heavy-Tailed Traffic 2013 E. Modiano
Hoda Eydgahi A Quantitative Framework For Large-Scale Model Estimation and Discrimination In Systems Biology 2013 P. Sorger
Yuan Zhong Resource Allocation in Stochastic Processing Networks: Performance and Scaling 2012 D. Shah
Yunjian Xu Efficiency Loss in Resource Allocation Games 2012
Alexander Olshevsky Efficient Information Aggregation Strategies for Distributed Control and Signal Processing 2010
Theophane Weber Correlation Decay and Decentralized Optimization in Graphical Models 2010 D. Gamarnik
Navid Sabbaghi Coordination and Competition in Resource-Constrained Channels 2008 Y. Sheffi
Wee Peng Tay Decentralized Detection in Resource-limited Sensor Network Architectures 2008 M. Win
Timothy Ching-Yee Chan Optimization under Uncertainty in Radiation Therapy 2007 T. Bortfeld
Yann Le Tallec Robust, Risk-Sensitive, and Data-driven Control of Markov Decision Processes 2007 D. Simester
Ramesh Johari Efficiency Loss in Market Mechanisms for Resource Allocation 2004
Alexander Wang Approximate Value Iteration Approaches to Constrained Dynamic Portfolio Problems 2003
Alvin Fu Energy Allocation and Transmission Scheduling in Satellite and Wireless Networks 2003 E. Modiano
Anand Ganti Transmission Scheduling for Wireless and Satellite Systems 2003 E. Modiano
Alp Muharremoglu A New Perspective on Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems Systems 2002
Vijay Konda Actor-Critic Algorithms 2002
Peter Marbach Simulation-Based Optimization of Markov Decision Processes 1998
Benjamin Van Roy Learning and Value Function Approximation in Complex Decision Processes 1998
Constantine Boussios An Approach for Nonlinear Control Design via Approximate Dynamic Programming 1998 M. Dahleh
David Gamarnik Stability and Performance of Multiclass Queueing Networks 1998 D. Bertsimas
James, D. Christodouleas Solution Methods for Multiprocessor Network Scheduling Problems, with Application to Railroad Operations 1997
Ioannis, C. Paschalidis Large Deviations in High Speed Communication Networks 1996 D. Bertsimas
David N.C. Tse Variable Rate Lossy Compression and its Effects on Communication Networks 1995 R. Gallager
George C. Polychronopoulos Stochastic and Dynamic Shortest Distance Problems 1992
Daniel C. Lee On Open-Loop Admission Control into a Queueing System 1992
George D. Stamoulis Routing and Performance Evaluation in Interconnection Networks 1991
Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo The Communication Complexity of Some Problems in Distributed Computation 1989
Chee-Seng Chow Optimal Algorithms in Dynamic Programming: A Multigrid Approach 1989
C.-C. Jay Kuo Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for the Solution of Partial Differential Equations 1987 B. Levy
George Hart Minimum Information Estimation of Structure 1987 F. C. Schweppe