[IMAGE]                  Online Probability Resources
  • Videos of live lectures
    The MIT Open Courseware site (OCW) contains a full set of materials from a past offering of the introductory MIT probability class 6.041/6.431, including 25 live video lectures.
    The lecture videos, together with problem solving videos by teaching assistants, are conveniently collected in a YouTube playlist.
  • Comprehensive set of tablet video clips
    A large collection of tablet videos was generated for the online class 6.431x (formerly 6.041x), created together with Prof. Jaillet. These videos break each lecture into smaller digestible chunks, and are accompanied by annotated slides. Additional videos present supplementary materials or solved problems. The videos can be found on the MIT OCW site here, neatly organized in three parts:

    Also available (but with a less friendly organization) on:

  • Pros and cons of the two formats:

    • The live lectures are more "lively," but as is common with traditional lectures, some details are skipped, and examples are limited.
    • The tablet videos are less personal, but are comprehensive and self-contained, with no details skipped.