M.I.T. Day at the Kepler Science Conference


Four members of our group will be speaking at today's session of the Kepler Science Conference II, in Mountain View, California. First, Kat Deck will describe her discovery of a planetary system with at least two planets on strongly misaligned orbits. Then, Simon Albrecht will review our measurements of the obliquities of the host stars of planetary systems. After lunch, Kevin Schlaufman will share his work on testing in situ models for the formation of compact multiplanet systems, employing the strong correlation between giant planet prevalence and host star metallicity. Finally, just before dinner, Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda will present our survey for very short-period planets in the Kepler database. This survey was already widely discussed yesterday, following talks by Andrew Howard and Christophe Lovis about Kepler-78, one of the most interesting planets that has turned up so far.

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