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Books and book chapters
Winn, J.N., "Exoplanet Transits and Occultations," in Exoplanets, ed. Seager, S., University of Arizona Press, Tucson (2011)
Joannopoulos, J.D., Johnson, S.G., Winn, J.N., & Meade, R.D., Photonic Crystals, 2nd ed., Princeton University Press (2008)

Refereed scholarly publications
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General audiences
Heng, K. & Winn, J.N., “The Next Great Exoplanet Hunt”, American Scientist (May/June 2015)
Winn, J.N., “Strange New Worlds", Physics @ MIT (2012)
Winn, J.N., "The Life of a Neutron Star", Sky & Telescope (July 1999)
Winn, J.N., "Bathos", in The Best of Bad Faulkner, Harcourt/HBJ (1991)
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U.S. Patent 6,130,780, "High omnidirectional reflector," licensed by Omniguide

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