Krista Ehinger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brain & Cognitive Sciences


Averaged portraits and photographs (top), averaged cats and dogs(bottom)

Feature spaces for recognition and categorization

I am interested in understanding how image features are extracted and used for behavioral tasks. My projects involve modeling shape and texture spaces used in object categorization and face recognition, and using texture-synthesis models to investigate the features used in scene perception tasks.

Selection of a typical view of a space

Scene typicality and categorization

What makes for a “typical” beach or a “typical” street scene? Are some views of scenes more typical than others? I am interested in modeling the features which distinguish typical views and exemplars to better understand scene categorization.

Predicting human search fixations with an attention guidance model

Modeling visual search in natural scenes

We characterize the image features that are thought to drive visual search in scenes -- saliency, features of the search target, and the global context of the scene -- and examine the ability of models based on these features to predict human eye movements over a large collection of scenes.