Peer-reviewed Papers


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[4.1]        Top 1% papers in the field of physics according to Essential Science Indicators.


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[5.1]        Invited paper


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[10.1]     Top 5% papers in the field of Engineering according to Essential Science Indicators.


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[15.1]     Cover headlines, Editor-selected “In This Issue” of PNAS.

[15.2]     Top 1% papers in the field of physics according to Essential Science Indicators.

[15.3]     Selected as one of the “2007 Accomplishments and Opportunities” of NIST Center for Neutron Research.

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Book Chapters


[20] Sow-Hsin Chen, F. Mallamace, Li Liu, Dazhi Liu, et al. “Dynamic Crossover Phenomenon in Confined Supercooled Water and its Relation to the Existence of a Liquid-Liquid Critical Point in Water”, an invited paper in Complex Systems: 5th International Workshop on Complex Systems, Eds. Michio Tokuyama, Irwin Oppenheim, Hideya Nishiyama, AIP Conference Proceedings, 982, pp39-52 (Melville, New York, 2008, ISBN 978-0-7354-0501-1).