Marie-Jose Montpetit, Ph.D

Research Scientist
36 Vassar Street,
Cambridge MA, USA


Prof. Muriel Medard, Director

RLE Network Coding Group

Henry Holtzman, Chief Knowledge Officer

Media Lab Information Ecology

CBC interview

Personal website



This is my research page at MIT. It contains some information about me but much more about my work at RLE in advanced network coding for video and our MIT Media Lab Class on Social TV. I study the technologies to make TV mobile in terms of content, social in terms of devices and IP based; the work involves multiscreens and both seamless and collaborative network as well as novel approaches to networking in heterogeneous ecosystems.

My Ph.D. in EECS is from the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada and I am a member of the IEEE Standing Committee on DSP and a collaborator to the ETSI BSM working group on aspects of convergence. In 2007 I was the recipient of the Motorola Innovation Prize for the development of a multi-screen and multi-network video mobility system.

Occasionally I review proposal papers in the wireless networking and future Internet fields for the European Union as well

I want the page to contain my publications and presentations, a current version of my resume, who I work with and maybe my blog. This is of course a work in progress.... and being update very soon.