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The world's largest open-shelf collection of science fiction is the MITSFS Library. Our database of books can be searched here or examined in /afs/ (On MIT Athena, attach mitsfs; cd /mit/mitsfs/Public.) We have both fantasy and high-tech sf, including sf horror; our collection includes some foreign-language material and over 90% of all science fiction ever published in English. Special efforts are made to obtain a copy of every sf book that comes out; sometimes we manage to get books from the publishers before the bookstores do, occasionally by months---in some cases we get proofs of the book before the book is finished.

Anyone can come and browse whenever the Library is open (see the schedule), and members can borrow from our circulating section. We can be contacted at Membership is solely a matter of dues and is not restricted to MIT students. (But if you're not in the area, there's no point, though we welcome the donation.)

If you have any questions about donating books to our collection, please see our Donation FAQ.

MITSFS publishes an almost-fanzine, the Twilight Zine, which eagerly welcomes contributions of stories, artwork, book reviews, or anything else sf-related. Just send mail to letting us know you've got something. (If it doesn't have to do with the TZ, please email, not Jourcomm.) You other places with amateur science fiction publications (fanzines, APAs, etc)---we do collect those as well as professional pubs; you should put MITSFS ("Attn: ROSFAP") on your subscribers list and have the satisfaction of knowing your work will be archived in the SF Library, plus we'll trade you TZ if you're interested.

Members get discounts at some area stores for books, RPGs, tabletop games, card games, miniatures, CCGs, etc.

Weekly meetings are held almost every Friday at 6:00 PM in the Library. We discuss whatever people want to talk about (Real Business is banned -- well, optional, actually) and usually go out for dinner afterwards. Everyone is welcome.

If you are really interested at what goes on at our meetings, you can read what may be our latest minutes. If you think those are a fluke and we've got to be more intelligible than that most of the time you can browse through some older minutes, but you're pretty much doomed.

We are located on the 4th floor of the Student Center, in W20-473:
Getting to MIT
Finding W20
Outline of W20-4 (gif)
W20-4 floorplan (PDF) (floorplans are MIT-access only)

Email to is the best way to talk to us, though you can also call 617-258-5126 (aka MIT x8-5126). Send snailmail to

MIT Science Fiction Society
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

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