Oh boy. It's been quite a life so far. For that matter, just the last few years have been more than I expected. If I look at my life they way it was say 3 years ago and the way it is now, it blows my mind.

I thought I was going to be a physicist. Sometime in Junior High, I decided I wanted to become a physicist. I wanted to play with particle accelerators, and radio telescopes and theories of the fundamental nature of the Universe. I went through high school, some point along the way deciding I wanted to become a phsysicist at MIT, and went to MIT, and majored in physics.

I graduated high school in '91, so I should have graduated MIT in '95. It's '96 and I haven't graduated yet. Basically, the web happened. In '93 I discovered the web and everything changed.

In '93 I discovered the web, and nobody knew what it was. Everyone thought it was a fad. I didn't really know what to think in that regard, but it was cool. Gradually, other people began agreeing that it was pretty cool. In '94 I dropped out to found a company, and now, in '96 I'm back at MIT, finally finishing my degree. Now, everyone knows what the web is and it seems almost as many people are starting web companies.