Tao B. Schardl - Presentations
Tapir: Embedding Fork-Join Parallelism into LLVM's Intermediate Representation
Given at PPoPP 2017.
Principles of Tapir
Given at the LLVM Performance Workshop at CGO 2017.
Performance Engineering of Multicore Software: Developing a Science of Fast Code for the Post-Moore Era
Doctoral thesis defense, August 2017.
The Cilkprof Scalability Profiler
Given at SPAA 2015.
On-the-Fly Pipeline Parallelism
Joint talk given at SPAA 2013 with I-Ting Angelina Lee.
Deterministic Random-Number Generation for Dynamic Multithreading Platforms
Given at PPoPP 2012.
A Work-Efficient Parallel Breadth-First Search Algorithm (or How to Cope with the Nondeterminism of Reducer Hyperobjects)
Given at SPAA 2010.

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