Top Ten Reasons To Live In NH4

By Mark Hochberg:

10. House Winks to ensure quality video rentals
9. Ping-Pong and piano playing all night long
8. Lounge around in what could have been an elevator shaft
7. Water fights with Spanish House
6. Two words: Roof Access
5. On a clear day, you can see Fenway Park. On nearly any night, you can see "Citgo"
4. Built on the remains of a Joyce Chen, servicing humanity from day one
3. We can say "Vardebedia" 10 times fast; We even know what it means!
2. Distinguished alumni that never, ever go away
1. Awesome people, awesome parties, awesome stories, awesome times: What more could you ask for?

By Cindy Su:

10. Brag about the a/c you never use
9. Meet all the leeches from House 3
8. All those midnight excursions to... MacGregor Convenience
7. We win all our IM games, especially Octathon (Yeah, sure)
6. The mile-long walk to campus keeps you in good shape
5. The elevator-less floors keep you in good shape
4. The house tutor would give Arnold Schwarzenneger a run for his money
3. Next House Dining (well, maybe not...)
2. Live with people with seemingly unpronounceable names like Zhelinrentice and Xiaomin
1. It's like living in a co-ed fraternity without the reputation and all the... well, nevermind

By Phil Sarin:

10. Our social chairs are on speed
9. Our president is on crack
8. You could be president one day
8. We cook better than Lobdell
7. Our bathrooms have that cool door
6. We are largely course 6 (no time for fake ones)
5. We have no course 14s in the house
4. We elect people to bake free food for the house
3. We keep MacGregor afloat
2. Our house tutor is a stunt double for Arnold
1. Our freshmen shower very frequently

By Ray Szeto:

10. The Frats won't take me
9. It's better than living in lab
8. We have running hot water
7. I'm too lazy to walk all the way to Next House
6. I was following a beautiful girl during Rush and she seemed to disappear around here
5. Mike A. told me this New House Dorm was really closely knit (gee, I was a chum)
4. I was screwed by the lottery system
3. We don't have roaches
2. Because we all love Mike T.!
1. It's Haus 4! Need I say more?

By Damon Lewis:

10. No roaches
9. Nice clean rooms
8. We're not all Course 6
7. Snow Football
6. No roaches
5. Spontaneity
4. Kitchens
3. Dedicated Cookie Chairs
2. No roaches
1. 'Cuz I live here!

By Zhelinrentice Scott:

1. New House 4 is cleaner
2. New House 4 is quieter
3. Mike doesn't live here anymore
4. Be a 5th floor lounge bum
5. Zhe lives here! (my personal favorite)
6. Direct TV
7. All the Good Food!
8. Freshman can have a single
9. Mike T. is cool
10. Ohm...

By Chris Toepel:

10. If you're ever too tired to take a shower someone will carry you in
9. X Files is not just a show, its a religion here
8. You can find someone to play Scrabble with any hour of the day
7. People actually play Mortal Kombat in the halls
6. The house mascot: the lounge rat
5. We have our own meal plan: Tostitos and Salsa!
4. Whipped cream fights with plenty of backup ammunition
3. We invest much money in high quality entertainment systems (Scrabble boards)
2. Spontaneous Macarena break-outs at every New House 4 party
1. Two words: few Canadians

By Daniel Weber:

1. Dancing on the rooftop during thunderstorms keeps the blood moving
2. Ample supply of green walls provides good camoflauge during hunting season
3. No end to the constant acrostics
4. Incinerating you is of no interest to us
5. Subliminal messages everywhere
6. Ammonia fights provide minutes and minutes of enjoyment
7. Galatians 5:20
8. Otitis-free for almost twenty-five years!
9. Dead graduate students slide down trash chute for fast, clean disposal

By Ashwini Deshpande:

10. Vardebedia - Americas smallest unprotected border
9. HazeComm - to fix freshmen attitude problems
8. Mike T. - the strength of Arnold and the cooking skills of Betty Crocker
7. New House - no roaches
6. New House 4 - no rats
5. Gratuitous violence and sex every weekend (on DSS)
4. 50% Course 6 - we've all turned to the dark side
3. Luise is gone now
2. Two words - MacGregor Tunnel
1. The Hartley Dance is part of our culture

By Hernan Mercado-Corujo:

10. People think pizza is actually healthy
9. You can get (or lose) money during March Madness
8. You can find what MacGregor sells on people's doors
7. Surround Sound
6. 50% course 6
5. Next to Spanish House (personal reason, duh!)
4. You get your mail on time (yeah, sure ;)
3. Direct TV
2. Your room can end up full of newspaper
1. Lo dejo a tu imaginacion pues lo mas seguro ni entiendas un carajo de lo que estas leyendo