The development of new technologies at scales approaching the quantum regime is driving new theoretical and experimental research on control in quantum systems. The implementation of quantum control would have an enormous impact on a wide range of fields such as chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance, microelectronics, and precision metrology. Quantum control finds an ideal application in quantum information processing (QIP), which promises to radically improve the acquisition, transmission, and processing of information. To reach this goal it is necessary to improve both the experimental techniques and the coherent control theory of quantum bits (qubits), as well as to gain a deeper knowledge of the mechanisms of decoherence, which must be studied and fought against. The main topics of my research have been methods of control of physical systems candidates as qubits. In my future research, I plan to continue investigating strategies for the control of quantum systems that can deliver QIP devices (not only quantum computers but also simulators, measuring and communication devices, etc.), which exceed the capacities of the corresponding classical devices.

Research Projects

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