Feeding Email Bots

"You are what you eat!" - Somebody

by Tina Quach for CMS.609 Word Made Digital

Last week, I implemented Jay, an email assistant for MIT Students as my interactive text. The feedback given, inspired my next undertaking in which Jay is still your email assistant. However, instead of helping your manage your MIT mail, Jay is helping you raise your emailbots! Emailbots start off as crying babies that you can't really interact with. They eat emails, and after you've fed them enough, they can begin to share their writing with you! For these emailbots, emails are not only culturally informative, but also very delicious. Try raising your own with the python script below!

Note that this script will request access to your gmail account. Take a better look at the code for verification of trustworthiness.

Python Script: emailbots.py Python Script 2: Markov.py

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