Imposing Hierarchy and Deletion with PowerPoint

by Tina Quach for CMS.609 Word Made Digital

Building off of my previous work exploring bullet point formatting and the way it provides the illusion of readability and imposes hierarchy on text, I've created a PowerPoint generator. Given a text file, transforms the text in order to find hierarchy in it based on word cues. Then it writes a .pptx file to visualize the hierarchy.

Python Script:
Sample Text (poem): Why I Am Glad That You Call Me Wicked by Rebecca Seiferle
Sample Text (prose): an MIT News article

0. Download the python-pptx module and nltk if you don't already have them.
1. In your command line, run the python script on the file.
python [path_to_file] [content_type]
Note that content_type can be "poem" or "prose"
2. Open the .pptx file in the folder containing

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