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2012 05 18, new paper published in my research section on efficient molecular dynamimcs integrators.

2011 02 23, my account at math.mit.edu finally closed. Sad to see it go. It did collect a lot of spam though.

2010 01 21, got a major side-project finished and published (the fixing multiple eigenvalues paper in my research section).

2009 06 30, wow! It has been a while since I've visited to do any updates. Well, I got a cute little paper published on the possible Jordan forms of AB and BA in the research section.

2007 03 15, a couple articles have now seen the light of day. Check out my paper with Ryan Rifkin on Value Regularization and Fenchel Duality in my research section.

2006 12 12, still happily plugging away at D. E. Shaw Research. New paper is out (a note at Journal of Chemical Physics on the effects of a certain roundoff error).

2006 10 23, new paper out (at Studies in Applied Mathematics). yeh!

2006 06 02, my appointment at MIT has come to an end. I've had a wonderful experience. My next gig is with D. E. Shaw Research.

2006 03 23, Whoo-hoo! I got a paper accepted in J. of Physics Condensed Matter

2006 03 16, I'm giving a presentation at Brown tomorrow based on recent research in computational biology. In case the laptop dies, here is my backup copy.

2006 02 06, I'm giving a presentation at Brown tomorrow based on a much more generalized result in the asymptotics of Tikhonov regularization. In case the laptop dies, here is my backup copy.

2005 11 28, Going to NIPS 2005 soon to present a poster and presentation regarding the latest work on the asymptotics of Gaussian regularized least squares. Should be fun.

2005 10 26, Gave a presentation on variational inference (part 1) to the probabilistic modelling reading group. Here are the slides. I'll keep extending them as I give the other parts of the introduction.

2005 10 18, Giving a presentation at Brown. In case, my laptop fails, I am linking it here.

2005 08 31, Well, a long summer it has been. Three papers accepted, one in press, and two new ones being written. Time to get back to classes now. I have started setting up the new 18.417 website (looks much like the old one).

2005 03 25, I gave a presentation to David Jaffe's group today. Here it is.

2005 01 31, This term I will be teaching Numerical Analysis. Should be fun.

2005 01 21, today I did an IAP lecture on using the long division method to solve differential equations.

2004 09 23, some of the 18.03 students have been having trouble getting that dfield6 program to work on their PCs. One option that worked for the 18.03 students last year (where they also needed to run some courseware on athena) is to run your own X-server on your PC. The details of how to do this under MSWindows is given here.

2004 08 31, Well the year is starting and I'm getting myself organized. Here is a link to 18.417 which is the class I'll be teaching.

2004 05 18, for the 18.03 TAs, I have a program which computes cummulative grades according to Prof Miller's description. Here are links to the program and a a sample file to run it on. I'm going to change it tomorrow evening to include final grades. I will update both links then.

2004 05 18, as per user feedback, I will be posting final grades on the web. For now, I am posting exam and problem set scores. I guess I will add final exam and final grades to it as they become available.

2004 05 17, I have written a short cover sheet style review of some 18.03 materials. I also have produced a review document which sort of does a whirlwind tour of the material starting from linear systems and working backward.

2004 05 06, I don't think I have done a good job with motivating the defective solution of 2X2 linear systems in 18.03. To compensate for that I have written a short note on the subject.

2004 05 05, Made it into the tech.

2004 04 22, Test coming up, this friday. I'll have a review session tonight in 4-163 from 7-9pm.

2004 04 16, I started a derivation in one of my recitations yesterday which didn't get to where I wanted it to get. Not wanting to have wasted a half hour of everyone's time, and because I think the result is amusing in its own right, I have written it down in a pdf document. I might expand it to include even more fun and useless stuff.

2004 03 25, giving a talk at RECOMB 2004 next week. Here it is: talk

2004 03 18, giving a talk today on some recent work

2004 03 10, 18.03 test II: with the help of a few others I have written up a short review of the basic points we covered in this section. There are two pieces. For those who are desperate and in a hurry, there is a one sheet cover sheet which spells out a minimum number of basic facts that you should have. For those who have time, want more details on something, there is a 8-page review document. No warrantee is expressed or implied by my providing such materials.

2004 03 09, Website is working, yeah!

2003 03 03, Miscellaneous notes on installing cygwin for 18.03 students

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