Stiefel Grassmann Optimization (SG_MIN)

Welcome to my SG_MIN website. Hopefully, you have been directed here by, or by someone associated with the Eigenvalues Templates book, so you already know what Stiefel Grassmann optimization is. If not, then follow the link and read section 9.4 of the book or download

Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems With Orthogonality Constraints

Currently, sg_min has sample applications for nearest degenerate eigenproblems, least square diagonalization problems, procrustes problems, and electronic structures problems.  One day, I might add nearest degenerate pencil problems.

Latest version:

sg_min version 2.4.3.

The link brings you a gzipped tarball containing Matlab-style '.m' files which de-tar into their own sg_min directory.

If you find bugs, have suggestions for improvement, or other applications which would be of interest, don't hesitate to email me.

Oblique minimization:

(Lately, I have done an modification for oblique contraints, ob_min version 1.0.)

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Page updated: March 2, 2004