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  1. The Tutor requires personal MIT certificates. If you don't have a personal MIT certificate installed on your browser, you can get one at https://ca2.mit.edu
  2. Click on this link: Install Extension!
  3. If this the first time you install a Firefox extension from the web.mit.edu domain, Firefox should popup a window that prevents the extension from being installed (look on top of your browser) as shown below. This is a Firefox security feature. firefox_warning
    If it didn't popup this message, you can proceed with step 8.
  4. Click the Edit Options button in the upper right corner, it pops up the following dialog:
  5. Click the allow button
  6. Click the close button to close the dialog
  7. Now, click the install link again: Install Extension! , the following dialog should popup.
  8. Click on "Install Now" (this button becomes clickable after a few seconds) and restart Firefox. That's it


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Even though we have put a lot of efforts on designing and developing The Tutor, it is still a research prototype. Hence It comes with ABSOLUTELY no warranty: Use it at your own risk., keeping in mind that we're grad students, not computer security experts, so we can't provide any kind of warranty regarding the availability of the service, the confidentiality of your annotations, the vulnerability of the Tutor to computer attacks, or anything else.