Research Papers

Other mathematical writing

  • PhD thesis : ``Root system chip-firing,'' May 2018, MIT.
  • Slides from my PhD thesis defense: ``Root system chip-firing,'' April 2018, MIT.
  • Slides from my talk on sorting via chip-firing at the Special Session on Chip-Firing of the 2016 AMS Fall Central Sectional Meeting.
  • Slides from my 2016 talk on the coincidental down-degree expectations (CDE) property for posets at the Brandeis combinatorics seminar.
  • Slides from my talk on the expected jaggedness of order ideals at the AMS Special Session on Algebraic and Topological Methods in Combinatorics of the 2016 JMM.
  • Problems from the 2015 CMO-BIRS sandpile workshop.
  • Note on an open problem about monomizations of power ideals and acyclic partial orientations presented at the 2015 CMO-BIRS sandpile workshop.
  • Slides from my 2015 talk on fourientations and the Tutte polynomial at the Cornell probability seminar.
  • Notes from the 2015 AIM workshop on dynamical algebraic combinatorics.
  • Slides from my talk on bigraphical arrangements at FPSAC, 2014. You can see a recording of the talk here.
  • RSK via local transformations. An expository article based on MIT combinatorics preseminar presentations of Alex Postnikov. 2014.
  • Problems from the 2013 AIM workshop on chip-firing.
  • Slides from my and Morgan Weiler's talk on pattern avoidance in poset permutations at the 2013 Permutation Patterns conference.
  • The Quantum Hidden Subgroup Problem for Semidirect Products of Cyclic Groups. Reed College bachelor's thesis. 2012.