Ecma 376 archival copy

This is an archival copy of the Ecma-376 Office Open XML (OOXML) document-format specification, downloaded 22 January 2007 from the Ecma-376 web site:

The reason for this mirror is that, on or around 2 February 2007, Ecma apparently silently removed the original document from their site and replaced it with several separate PDF and DOCX files that were reformatted and repaginated. It is important to preserve the original document, as it was submitted to JTC-1 for consideration as a "fast-track" ISO standard, because many of the objections filed with JTC-1 by 5 February 2007 doubtless referred to the original document.

For convenience and comparison, I have also taken the 8 February 2007 version of Ecma-376, from the above web site, and joined the 5 PDF files into a single file:

According to the Ecma web page (as of 8 February 2007), the "Ecma Standards and Technical Reports are made available to all interested persons or organizations, free of charge and copyright, in printed form and, as files in Acrobat PDF format." (Emphasis added.) So, there appears to be no legal obstacle to mirroring the files here, as they are not copyrighted.

Steven G. Johnson, 8 February 2007.