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Cell Phones 
(Sherry Turkle, Principal Investigator)

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Audible Identities: How Musicians and Fans Co-Create Online Identities 
(Nate Greenslit, Principal Investigator)

In the wake of recent changes in the recording industry, musicians find themselves having to generate and perform online identities and engender online relationships with fans.  In just a few years, the Internet has transformed music-making and audience participation.  Gone is the elusive rock star model, replaced by everyday, seemingly intimate contact.  The modes of online relationships run the gamut from Twittering to blogging to online concerts, all of which acknowledge and recruit fan participation in novel ways.  "Audible Identities" seeks to understand how, in this new transmedia culture, musicians and fans co-create and negotiate images, identities, and cultural and personal meanings. 





At the foundation of the Initiative, grants and research projects informed a series of publications. The research grant is listed first, followed by the publication that reports on its results:


MIT Initiative on Technology and Self
(Sherry Turkle, Founder and Director) Mitchell Kapor Foundation, 2001-present
Evocative Objects: Things We Think With, edited and with an introduction by Sherry Turkle, Fall 2007, MIT Press


Adolescence, Technology and Identity
(Sherry Turkle, Principal Investigator) Spencer Foundation, 2001-2003
Falling for Science: Objects in Mind, edited and with an introduction by Sherry Turkle, Spring 2008, MIT Press


Intimate Machines: Living with Relational Artifacts
(Sherry Turkle, Principal Investigator) National Science Foundation #0115668, 2001-2003
Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, by Sherry Turkle, Winter 2011, Basic Books


Information Technologies and Professional Identity: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Virtuality
(Sherry Turkle, Principal Investigator; Joe Dumit, Hugh Gusterson, David Mindell, and Susan Silbey, Co-Principal Investigators) National Science Foundation #0220347, 2002-2005
Simulation and Its Discontents, edited and with an introduction by Sherry Turkle, Spring 2009, MIT Press


Nurturant Technologies
(Sherry Turkle, Principal Investigator) The Intel Corporation, 2006-2007
The Inner History of Devices, edited and with an introduction by Sherry Turkle, Fall 2008, MIT Press


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