Tiankai Liu

Me I’m a fifth-year math graduate student of James McKernan. My research interests are in birational geometry.

Electronic mail: my first name at math.mit.edu
Office: E18–401W


Calculus (single-variable)

MIT 18.01, Spring 2012

Calculus (multi-variable)

MIT 18.02, Spring 2011

Calculus (multi-variable, second half)

MIT 18.02A, January 2014

Linear algebra

MIT 18.06, Fall 2012

Some Mathematical Notes

Applications of Model Theory to Algebraic Geometry

Notes from two Concrete Notions talks with David Jackson-Hanen in February 2010. Ax-Grothendieck theorem and Hilbert’s 17th problem.

Classical Geometry from Euler to Griffiths and Harris

Slides of Pumagrass talk, originally given at MAA Mathfest, on Poncelet’s porism.

Last Updated: 1 November 2013