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I am writing software both as a hobby and as part of my research. My software projects include simulation and analysis tools that I wrote or started writing as part of my research, as well as completely independent projects. Reasonably mature projects are listed on this page.


Pulster is an application to simulate ultrafast laser systems. It can predict the pulse width and shape, and it's transient behavior in a mode-locked laser. Features include

  • Graphical user interface
  • Math interpreter for processing
  • Octave interface for data analysis
  • Altering of simulation parameters in the running simulation
  • A beta version for windows is available for download. Please note that the provided version is an early beta and is not fit for anything but previewing the final application features.


    GaBe is a tool for the design of laser cavities using the common ABCD matrix formalism to describe a Gaussian beam in a laser cavity. It allows also to propagate a beam through simple optical setups and can perform a stability analysis on the laser cavity. It is developed under Linux in C++ using the WxWidgets library for the graphical interface. A beta version for Windows can be downloaded here


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