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Current Group

Jehangir Amjad
Ali Aouad
Eli Gutin
Andrew Li

Former Doctoral Students

Dragos (Florin) Ciocan (2014)
Assistant Professor, INSEAD
Dissertation: High Dimensional Revenue Management

Yiwei Chen (2013)
Assistant Professor, Renmin University
Dissertation: Revenue Management and the Welfare Gap in the US Airline Industry

Matthieu Monsch (2013)
Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn
Dissertation: Large Scale Predcition Models and Algorithms

Srikanth Jagabathula (2011)
Assistant Professor, Stern School of Management, New York University
Dissertation: Non-Parametric Choice Modeling: Applications to Operations Management

Nikolaos Trichakis (2011)
Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School
Dissertation: Fairness in Operations: From Theory to Practice
INFORMS Dantzig Dissertation Award, Third Prize

Carri Chan (2009)
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
Dissertation: Effective Scheduling Algorithms for Service and Computing Systems

Former MS Students

Marcus Braun (2014)
Consultant, McKinsey and Co.

Gregory Sham (2012)
Consultant, McKinsey and Co.

Joongwoo Brian Park (2010)
Algorithmic Trader, UBS Investment Bank