If you're considering attending MIT and curious about what my students and I work on, look here.

Former Doctoral Students

  • Ali Aouad (2017)

    Assistant Professor, London Business School
    Dissertation: Assortment and Inventory Optimization: From Predictive Choice Models to Near-Optimal Algorithms
  • Dragos (Florin) Ciocan (2014)

    Assistant Professor, INSEAD
    Dissertation: High Dimensional Revenue Management
  • Yiwei Chen (2013)

    Assistant Professor, Singapore Univeristy of Technology and Design
    Dissertation: Revenue Management and the Welfare Gap in the US Airline Industry
  • Matthieu Monsch (2013)

    Software Engineer, Google
    Dissertation: Large Scale Predcition Models and Algorithms
  • Srikanth Jagabathula (2011)

    Assistant Professor, Stern School of Management, New York University
    Dissertation: Non-Parametric Choice Modeling: Applications to Operations Management
  • Nikolaos Trichakis (2011)

    Assistant Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
    • Dissertation: Fairness in Operations: From Theory to Practice
    • INFORMS Dantzig Dissertation Award, Third Prize
  • Carri Chan (2009)

    Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
    Dissertation: Effective Scheduling Algorithms for Service and Computing Systems

Former MS Students

  • Marcus Braun (2014)
    Consultant, McKinsey and Co.
  • Gregory Sham (2012)
    Consultant, McKinsey and Co.
  • Joongwoo Brian Park (2010)
    Algorithmic Trader, UBS Investment Bank