How do we intelligize?

I wonder how we do it. How we intelligize together. What happens when a group of people tries to solve a problem, together? why are some groups more innovative than others? How can groups be more intelligent? and how can technology help?

By asking “how do we intelligize?”, rather than, for example, asking “what is intelligence” I aim to achieve several goals. First, I choose to refer to intelligence as a verb rather than as a noun. This is partly an ontological belief, and partly a practical consideration. I view intelligence as emerging from action (even if, at times, merely cognitive action), rather than as a mere capacity for action (though, I acknowledge that part exists as well).

Second, I think that focusing on “how” rather than on “what”, can lead to potentially more fruitful avenues.

Finally, as the word “we” implies, I view intelligizing as a social process. Although individual minds can, and do sometimes intelligize alone, intelligizing almost always relies on cognition of others, even if those others are not co-located in space or time. These cognitions may be involved through various communication media, but they can also be embedded into artifacts. More often than not, intelligizing is actively done with others who are co-present. The question is how.