Before going back to academia, I gained over 15 years of experience with software, telecom and information technologies. I held various R&D, project, program and product management roles, and had worked with partners and customers in Europe, Asia and the US. I have led projects and products that were successfully deployed at some of the world’s greatest telecom companies including AT&T, Vodafone and TIM among others, and included network management systems, operation and decision support systems, optical networking and mobile multimedia products. I got my B.Sc in Industrial Engineering (concentration: information technology) from Tel-Aviv University, where I also took graduate studies in Decisions and Operations research

In between

During the chrysalis stage between my corporate life phase and joining MIT, I did some consulting to both large and startup firms, traveled across the ocean, and engaged in extensive fathering. I also played a lot of music and even released two CD’s. They were very successful: I distributed over two dozen copies to friends and family, and they all said the cover design was nice! (Most folks didn’t really bother to listen to the music; but you can’t get it all).