I like teaching. In various capacities, less and more formal, Iíve been teaching others since I was a boy, many years ago. This ranges from private tutoring to students, to building, conducting, and teaching various courses and trainings for subordinates, peers, customers and partners in various organizations Iíve worked for. At MIT, Iíve been a Teaching Assistant, and Lead Teaching Assistant (supervising and coordinating the work of several other TAís and writing instructors) in a number of undergraduate, graduate, and MBA/Sloan Fellows classes, including 15.301 Managerial Psychology Laboratory, 15.565 Digital Evolution: Managing Web 3.0, and 15.320 Strategic Organizational Design.

Other than teaching weekly recitation sessions, I have helped professors develop new contents and design new student tasks that were used in class, in recitations, and as homework tasks. For instance, I recently developed a new interactive, online in-class task, and a crowdsourcing mini-project for 15.320. I have also given guest lectures on collective-intelligence, and crowdsourcing in 15.301.

I also enjoy teaching and talking about subject Iím interested in beyond the classroom. In 2010, I was invited by MISTI 2.0 organizers to teach a session on international collaboration in a preparatory workshop they held for a select group of MIT students who participated in international humanitarian projects. In January 2012, as part of MITís Independent Activities Period, I initiated and led an open session on Collective-Intelligence, which drew participants from MIT and the general public. This was a lot of fun, and I hope to do this again soon.

Iíve been interested in learning, teaching, and education for a long time. I am very curious about the ways the web is changing the playing field of education, and am intrigued by MOOCs. As an educator, I take teaching seriously. Iím therefore about to complete a teaching certificate program at MIT in May 2013.


CCI Seminar

Iíve been coordinating the CCI Seminar Series since 2011. Weíve managed to bring in some great speakers and hear really insightful talks. Youíre welcome to check out past talks. Videos are available for some of the talks Ė dig around. Sign up here to be informed of future talks.



I review regularly, and have served on the program committee of several conferences. I have reviewed for journals and conferences including the Journal of Organizational Change Management, the European Journal of Information Systems, ICIS, CSCW, CHI, SocialCom, and AAAI Symposium.