Lei Zhang – Research

Research Interest

Optical networks, data center networks, wireless optical networks, heterogeneous networks, and cross-layer network architecture design and optimizations.

Journal Papers

  • L. Zhang, and V. Chan, ‘‘Scalable Fast Scheduling for Optical Flow Switching Using Sampled Entropy and Mutual Information Broadcast’’ (submitted to Journal of Optical Communications and Networking)

  • J. Junio, L. Zhang, and V. Chan, ‘‘Design of Long Haul Fast Turn-on/off of Lightpaths and Induced Physical Layer Characteristics of EDFA-Amplified Meshed Networks’’ (to be submitted)

  • L. Zhang, V. Chan, ‘‘Design and Joint Architecture Analysis for Data Plane and Control Plane for Flow-Switched Optical Networks’’ (to be submitted)

Conference Paper

  • L. Zhang, and V. Chan, ‘‘Fast Scheduling for Optical Flow Switching’’, IEEE Globecom, 2010

  • V. Chan, L. Zhang, H. Huang, G. Weichenberg, and A. Ganguly, ‘‘Optical Flow Switching: An End-to-End ‘UltraFlow’ Architecture’’, IEEE ICTON, 2013

  • L. Zhang, and V. Chan, ‘‘Joint Architecture of Data and Control Planes for Optical Flow Switched Networks’’ (submitted to IEEE ICC, 2014)

  • J. Junio, L. Zhang, and V. Chan, ‘‘Physical Layer Characteristics and Design of Long Haul Fast Turn-on/off and Flow Switched All-Optical Networks’’ (submitted to OFC, 2014)

  • X. Zheng, L. Zhang, and V. Chan, ‘‘MAN Architecture Design for Optical Flow Switching’’ (to be submitted)

Research Experience

Claude Shannon Communicationa and Network Group, RLE, MIT

  • Research Assistant            Aug 2008 – present

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ

  • Summer Research Intern            Jun – Aug 2010

  • Investigated and characterized cross-channel power transients and coupling induced by fast lightpath switching in EDFA-amplified mesh networks

Network Technologies Research Center, NTU, Singapore

  • Research Student            2004 – 2007

  • Designed a mode-locked SOA fiber laser for clock recovery of NRZ-DPSK optical signals

  • Developed an embedded Linux operating system and a smart phone