1.63J/2.26J Advanced Fluid Dynamics

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T.R. Akylas

Office: 3-362
Office hours: M, W 1pm–2:30pm in Room 3-362 and by appointment.
trakylas@mit.edu, 617-253-5356

Guest lecturer: Professor Peko Hosoi







Second-level graduate subject on general fluid mechanics. Discusses a range of topics of current interest and introduces advanced analytical techniques. Examples mostly drawn from geophysical, environmental and biological applications. Brief review of basic laws of fluid motion. Scaling and approximations. Creeping flows. Steady and transient boundary layers. Dispersion in steady and oscillatory shear flows. Flow in porous media. Rotating and stratified flows. Choice of one of the following modules (6 lectures):

I. Hydrodynamic stability
II. Fluid dynamics and biolocomotion (by Prof. Peko Hosoi)

Spring Term of 2014

Lecture: MW 9:30 - 11am (1-150)

Notes by C.C. Mei, to be put on this web s